We're not just another agency

D U N N is an independent brand consultancy, strategic communications firm and evolving ideas boutique with strategic design thinking and innovation at our core.

We are a unique collective of thinkers, doers, researchers, academics, strategists, writers, designers, artists, producers and technologists united to seize upon opportunities that others miss and provide relevant answers to difficult business, policy and communications challenges.

We collaborate with global business leaders to create and produce compelling creative content through both digital and traditional media platforms to provide effective ways to connect people with the brands they covet.

We're not just another agency
Fender Musical Instrument Corp Embraces Luxury Consumables
Extending an iconic American Brand into a New Business Channel and New Global Markets

D U N N not only works on strengthening iconic brands within their own category, we also teach them how to enter new global markets, strengthen and deepen emotive ties with their existing brand loyalists, and create new profitable customers by innovating beyond what other consultancies or agencies are able to do.

Our business is where business consulting, brand engagement and creativity converge.

The D U N N team combines the analytical rigor of a specialized strategy consultancy with the creative passion of a world-class design firm to address the toughest growth challenges for the world’s most successful companies.

Strategic Thinking meets Inspired Creativity
“Brand work is about cultural relevance, emotional resonance and customer preference. It has very little or often nothing to do with recall, awareness and market share.” - Michael Dunn

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